Current Climate Policy:

  • Read the Paris Agreement: the historical global agreement for climate action which the Canadian government signed in 2016.  
  • Read the Vancouver Declaration developed by the federal government in conjunction with the provinces to determine a process for developing a national climate strategy that will allow Canada to meet its global commitments for climate action.

Pillar 1: Canada needs a climate plan that aligns with the science of climate change. Bold climate action ensures Canada meets its commitments to a 1.5°C world by keeping its fossil fuels reserves in the ground.

Pillar 2: Canada needs a climate plan that builds a 100% renewable energy economy. Bold climate action ensures Canada transitions to a 100% renewable energy economy by 2050, creating over a million clean, safe and rewarding jobs.

Pillar 3: Canada needs a plan that is justice-based. Bold climate action enshrines justice and reconciliation for Indigenous peoples, ensures no worker is left behind in the transition to a clean energy economy, and takes leadership from those hit hardest by the climate crisis. :

We encourage readers to seek out additional resources beyond this non-exhaustive list.