For too long, Canada has been on the wrong side of climate action. Now is our chance to change that.

The Trudeau government plans to put forward a new national climate strategy for Canada before the end of 2016. We already know that oil lobbyists are gearing up to try and weaken any attempts to take bold action, and it’s up to us to make sure the voices of the people are heard first.

That’s why, as Members of Parliament hold nation-wide public consultations on a national climate strategy this spring, we’ll be there every step of of the way, showing up and speaking up in support of a way forward that works for our communities and the planet.

This is a once in a generation opportunity. If we all stand together, we can push the government towards a bold climate strategy that’s justice-based, respects the UN Declaration on the rights of Indigenous peoples, aligns with climate science, and commits Canada to a 100% renewable energy economy.

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How are we going to make it happen?

When we stand together we make big things happen.

First, this spring, we’ll organize locally to build a strong base in our communities to call upon our Members of Parliament to hold fair and inclusive consultations at the riding level that will feed into the national climate strategy.

Next, we’ll bring the three principles of the People’s Climate Plan to the public consultations. Together,  we’re going to fill the room with our voices. In ridings where MPs refuse to hold consultations, we’ll make sure our communities get heard by the federal government and taken into account in their strategy.

Then, we’ll mobilize in the fall of 2016, right before the government unveils their  strategy, to send a powerful message in support of bold climate action.

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Why support the People’s Climate Plan?

  1. Local people and groups are the best set up to organize their communities. We are committed to sharing a common baseline and supporting local, autonomous organizing.
  2. We are more powerful when we act together. The People’s Climate Plan uniting grassroots groups, large organizations and individuals across the country around a shared strategy and goals.
  3. Our collective story is a shared one. We are committed to common framing that elevates Indigenous and frontline voices.

We must unite around shared values. This campaign is about a  vision not specific policy agendas. We will lean into our common

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Who’s organizing the People’s Climate Plan?

The People’s Climate Plan has been organized by a collective of organizations and local groups including:, 350 Kingston, 350 Vancouver, Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, Citizens United for a Sustainable Planet, Climat Compétences, Climate Justice Saskatoon, The Climate Reality Project Canada, Council of Canadians, Council of Canadians Thunder Bay, Development and Peace, Divest Waterloo, Ecology Action Centre, EcoSociety, Fossil Free Faith, Idle No More, Indigenous Climate Action, Leadnow, Leap Manifesto, Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition, Sierra Club Canada Foundation, Stand (formerly ForestEthics), United Church of Canada.

If your organization wants to join and help organize the People’s Climate Plan, please fill out this form.